Strijp-S, hotspot of innovation and creativity

3Dimerce is located in the Eindhoven area of Strijp-S. This former Philips manufacturing and R&D site has recently been redeveloped into a business campus for innovative and creative businesses. An inspiring environment buzzing with new ideas and a fertile ground for collaboration with other tech-companies.

Hotspot for innovation and research
The Eindhoven region in the south of the Netherlands, often referred to as Brainport Eindhoven, is a hotspot for innovation and research. With the Technical University of Eindhoven and several international high-tech companies as powerful accelerators. 3Dimerce chose to establish itself here because of the proximity of specialist image expertise and our need of highly educated software engineers.

Philips at Strijp-S 3Dimerce



There are currently no jobs available. However we are constantly on the look out for people that fit within our team and improve our work. Interested, please mail info@3dimerce.com?


Product from the year 2000

Explorers of 3D technology and product experience specialists since the early days of the internet

Pioneers in 3D product imagery
3Dimerce pioneered in 3D visual imaging since the early 2000’s. Initially mainly modeling consumer products for e-commerce. Quickly we grew into one of the most prominent players on the European market, supporting various multinational corporations in their e-commerce efforts.

Focus on high-level product configurators
3Dimerce has continuously invested in innovation and development of new strategies and technology to make 3D product models more realistic and their application more versatile and effective. This has lead to an increasing focus on high-level product configurators. Today our product configurators stand out as the most sophisticated, flexible and user-friendly on the market.