Why augmented reality will finally break through in the furniture market

Why augmented reality will finally break through in the furniture market

Augmented Reality is going to revolutionize the furniture market, says Roel Pollen, CEO of 3Dimerce. He will share his ideas in a keynote speech on November 1st at eHome, the most influential event on online strategy for furniture business in The Netherlands.

Shopping for a new couch? Just get your phone and virtually place the product in your living room to see how it looks. The added value of Augmented Reality in such a scenario is not hard to imagine. And now the technology is finally ready to be really embraced by furniture brands as well as consumers. As Ikea convincingly demonstrated, with the successful introduction of AR functionality on their mobile website. Progressive as usual, the mass furnisher arrived quickly at the scene. But the reasons for the technological push lie elsewhere, creating even more exciting possibilities, also for smaller brands.

Augmented Reality is gaining momentum because of factors such as improved hard- and software and the growing enthusiasm of consumers, says Pollen. Content-wise, powerful 3D technology opens up exciting new possibilities in creating life-like experiences, even combining AR with complex visual product configurators. This should particularly interest luxury, bespoke furniture brands, thinks Pollen. Some of them are now discovering how to bring the showroom directly into the homes of their customers, thereby inevitably transforming the dealer-based business models that still dominate the market.

Emerce eHome & Deco is a one-day event at Sanoma HQ near Amsterdam at November 1st.
For more information on the event check out: https://emerce.nl/ehome/ and on the keynote of 3Dimerce, go to (both in Dutch): https://emerce.nl/ehome/sessie/waarom-augmented-reality-er-nu-echt-doorbreekt

"Augmented Reality should particularly interest luxury, bespoke furniture brands"

Roel Pollen - 3Dimerce

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