Design your own Bugaboo online

Product experience is key to Bugaboo’s marketing efforts, in the store as well as online. Convinced that a plain picture is not enough to convey the versatility of its products, the company got inspired by the online product presentation of premium car brands. Together with 3Dimerce it offers customers a photo-realistic product configurator to design their own stroller with a wow-effect.

Maximum freedom of choice
Bugaboo strollers give parents a lot to choose from. They come in five different models, several varieties and many colors, special editions, options and add-ons. The company has since long worked with 3Dimerce to provide online customers with maximum freedom of choice, while at the same time delivering a highly sophisticated 3D based product presentation.

A whole new shopping experience
Imagine if you could interact with the a product before you buy it online. Now this has become possible with the all new Bugaboo website, designed by leading design-agency Momkai and using top of the line 3D technology by 3Dimerce. Simply select your stroller, pick any color or print, the accessories you need and add everything to the shopping cart in 1 click. During the whole experience a photo-realistic image can be viewed and rotated freely, instantaneously showing the choices that have been made. Forget boring web shops with static images. Now online shopping is fun!



Reducing a complex process to a few simple clicks
3Dimerce went to great lengths to build a configurator that expresses the impeccable quality of Bugaboo products. We focused not only on bare realism but also on the persuasiveness of the product models. This gives the configurator an almost cinematic quality, making customers look forward to go for a stroll. The easy-to-use interface makes sure that that moment is no more than just a few steps away. By reducing an intrinsically complex process with many choices and dependencies to a few simple clicks.

The ultimate strolling experience
The Bugaboo product configurator gives parents a free hand in designing their own stroller. Just click and drag the 3D model to rotate it and view it from all sides, simply click the palette to change the color of the canvas top and choose from a list of compatible accessories to make for the ultimate strolling experience. The configurator immediately shows the price for the current configuration. Satisfied? Just add to cart and order!



Real-time display of every configuration

With traditional configurator technology the amount of images required to change the product colors, add accessories and rotate the product would quickly become unmanageable. With this configurator any product configuration can be displayed photo-realistically on the consumer's screen within tenths of seconds.


Fully 3D based content creation

Since Bugaboo regularly updates its products, their appearance undergoes changes from time to time. The use of 3D models allows the company to quickly adapt the digital product imagery accordingly.


Superb product image quality

Parents naturally want the best for their kids. The products of Bugaboo have been digitized on such a level of detail that webshop visitors experience the product quality already in the online environment. Special attention was paid to optimal lighting and a natural appearance of the materials.


Sjoerd Nijland Bugaboo

"With this configurator we go beyond photo-realism to deliver premium product experiences."

— Sjoerd Nijland | Digital Architect

3D Product Configurator adds wow effect to Bugaboo's e-commerce

Bugaboo entered the market for designer strollers in 1999 by storm. Its desire to take the lead in offering a unique product experience in stores as well as online led to a long-lasting cooperation with 3Dimerce. Inspired by premium car brands they created a product configurator that is a real jaw-dropper, says Sjoerd Nijland, digital architect at Bugaboo.

“A wow effect. That’s what we want on our website as well as in stores. We believe that product experience is very important for e-commerce. So the instruction to our creative agency was: think up the product configurator of your dreams. Impressively, 3Dimerce was able to technically realize every bit of that. We now have the most visually appealing and interactive website in our market. Our website design won a Red Dot Award, partly based on the configurator. But more importantly, it really manages to convince buyers.

“Six years ago we were brainstorming about a cool configurator for our products. Since a plain picture just doesn’t convey the full experience. The kind of application we had in mind was then still mainly the domain of premium car brands, that’s what we were inspired by. Coincidentally, around the same time we got a call from 3Dimerce. We were impressed by their 3D models. Really photorealistic, we hadn’t seen that before. So together we started conceptualizing the possibilities. The first model they worked on was for our Bugaboo Donkey stroller. That can be equipped with a double seat, adding an extra challenge. A lot of attention was paid to choosing the ideal angle and optimal lighting. Really looking at the product like a photographer would do. The result was so realistic that you couldn’t tell it apart from a photo. What makes the application even more powerful is its interactivity. It runs very fast and smooth, and customers can directly order the product as they assemble it. With this configurator we really go beyond photorealism to deliver premium product experiences.

“But the applications of 3D extend even further than product configurating. Since the level of realism in the models is so high, it allows us to derive visuals for other communication purposes as well. It makes working with product imagery a lot easier for us. Our products come in many different varieties with different colors and options. You just can’t capture all that in a traditional photo shoot. Now, when we need a product image, we can easily say: I want some shadow here, I want this kind of background, or a shot from this angle. Before the product has even left the factory we already have photorealistic imagery available for communication purposes. What’s more, since we regularly update our products their appearance undergoes changes from time to time. Thanks to the 3D models we can easily update our visuals accordingly.



Feel free, move free

Inspiring people to move freely, and explore the world with their children. That’s what Bugaboo strives to do, by designing and producing fashionable strollers, loaded with functionalities. The Amsterdam based company hit the market in 1999 and now supplies to consumers in more than 50 countries worldwide.

Aesthetics and functionality
Meanwhile Bugaboo’s product assortment has grown to cater the needs of parents on the move. All products are still based on the principle that aesthetics and functionality should come together seamlessly. Product design and quality are at the heart of Bugaboo’s philosophy.


Each 3Dimerce configurator has a unique modular build up and is therefore easily maintainable and able to connect to other business applications and processes. The Bugaboo product configurators are fully integrated with their webshop and backend systems. The main modules are:

3D Models

3Dmodels bugaboo

We used a combination of techniques to build 3D models of all Bugaboo stroller-models and their accessories. CAD-data for the hard surface materials such as the frame, and cutting-edge scanning technology for the soft materials.


Materials Bugaboo

Bugaboo uses high-quality materials for its strollers and accessories. We deployed the most advanced 3D material scanning technology to date to convey the top-grade makeup of all the different materials used. From tires to canvas hoods and from frames to buckles.

Virtual Studio

Virtualstudio Bugaboo

The 3D product shapes and the corresponding set of digitized 3D materials are combined in our virtual studio. Based on an extensive body of product intelligence, providing rules for all possible combinations and exceptions, the virtual studio supplies the configurator with the accurate images.

User Interface

Userinterface Bugaboo

Bugaboo’s customers take parenting seriously. But that doesn’t mean designing a stroller shouldn’t also be fun. The intuitive design of the configurator’s interface, by Amsterdam based digital agency Momkai, invites shoppers to immediately start configurating and let their creativity run freely.


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