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Ever since its establishment in 1934 Leolux produces and sells customized luxury furniture. Now, with the aid of 3Dimerce, prospecting customers can also design their bespoke armchair or sofa online. The configurator that makes this possible handles an astronomical number of configuration options, while at the same time producing stunning photo-realistic product imagery.

Making designer furniture as appealing on the screen as in the store is certainly a challenge. One we met by capturing the delicate fabrics and refined designs with an unprecedented level of detail. Leolux wanted its configurator to be easily expandable with new products and options. It also had to be ready for future applications in every media channel. The unique process of rendering product images on demand from a 3D model provided just the scalability that Leolux was looking for.

In the initial phase 3Dimerce built configurators for 18 product series and completely integrated them into Leolux’s company websites including real-time price calculation. This involves a massive amount of complexity handled by the 3D platform. Still it is just the basis for the future expansion of strategic visual product configuration by Leolux within its organization, communication and processes.

Leolux Furniture 3D product configurator Case


Dazzling complexity broken down to simple steps

The Leolux configurator takes customers by the hand and gently leads them through a myriad of possibilities for the customization of their sofa, armchair or other piece of stylish design furniture. In a clear and appealing interface it breaks down the complex decision process to a series of simple steps. In all of which users immediately see the result of their choices in a photo-realistic rendering of the product. The configurator allows the user to zoom in on the images and see the finest details of the product as well as to view it from several angles.

After choosing the product model and the preferred arrangement, filters can be set to select from a wide range of materials for the cover, e.g. leather, fabric, brand and pattern. Next step: choosing the color of the upholstery by picking from the huge pallet of hue, tint and tone possibilities. For some set ups the number of options can range in the hundreds. Then users proceed to choose the finish of the base and even the color of the seams.

The configurator displays the price of the current configuration and provides the possibility to save users’ choices, download the configuration, share it through social media and directly make an appointment with a nearby Leolux Design center or a select store for tailored advise.

The configurator provides immediate visual feedback during every step with photo-realistic images of the chosen product configuration. This makes customizing the product not only very fast, user friendly and effective, but also a fun and stress-free experience.

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Product images are generated on demand

The initial 18 product series in the Leolux project can be configurated in approximately 20 trillion combinations. And yet every configuration is displayed in less than a second on the consumer's screen. This is possible because each image is generated on demand from high-resolution 3D models and materials.


A scalable and flexible solution

The configurator is a stepping stone for further integration of visual product configuration in the entire business structure of Leolux. The high quality of 3D product imaging and the advanced configuration technology make the solution fully scalable and ready to use in a wide range of future applications.


Astounding image quality

Leolux products have been digitally recreated in their finest details. Capturing the very essence of every leather and fabric variation. This enables the display of photo-realistic product images on any scale. Whether it's a full product view from the angle of choice or a close-up material detail shot.


Hans Filippini Leolux - Product Configurator

"In search for a partner we were looking for the best image quality and highest scalability. 3Dimerce could deliver just that"

— Hans Filippini | Marketing Manager


Customizing designer furniture since 1934

Leolux is a designer and producer of bespoke luxury furniture, based in Venlo, The Netherlands. Founded in 1934 the company now supplies customers in many European countries. Leolux furniture is well known for its outstanding design and high-end finishes, using exclusive materials like the finest leather and fabrics from renowned manufacturers. All products are produced on demand by craftsmen in Venlo.

Pivotal to the Leolux business model is customization: the possibility to acquire a highly personalized designer piece. The large number of possible product configurations and the focus on craftily designed product details places high demands on online product presentation. 3Dimerce’s innovative configurator technology proved just the right match to convey the luxury of Leolux products in all their varieties.


Each 3Dimerce configurator has a unique modular build up and is therefore easily maintainable and able to connect to other business applications and processes. The Leolux product configurators are no stand-alone marketing tools, but of strategic importance and relevance to the company. The main modules are:

3D Models

Leolux Model

The shapes of all Leolux products and their separate elements were digitized using the latest 3D scanning technology. This involves scanning all product elements at the highest level of detail and converting them to efficicient 3D product models. These virtual replicas are the basis of photo-realistic product images in every possible configuration that can be generated on-demand.


Leolux Configurator Material

The materials that constitute the Leolux products were digitally recreated up to their individual fibers. To achieve this level of realism we deployed a state-of-the-art 3D material scanner that meticulously digitizes virtual textures. This allows the configurator to visualize more than 300 leather and fabric upholsteries in near real-time, with a photo-realistic image quality.

Virtual Studio

Leolux Virtual Photostudio

The 3D product shapes and the corresponding set of digitized 3D materials are combined in our Virtual Studio. Based on an exentensive set of rules for all possible combinations and exceptions, the virtual studio supplies the configurator on-demand with the accurate images. All safely stored in your Product DNA.

User Interface

Leolux Configurator

The highly intuitive interface is the result of in-depth analysis of the customer’s journey of every Leolux webshop visitor. The user environment is carefully designed by our partner LabDigital to maximize the configurator’s ability to increase conversion by presenting customers with a customized product that fits their preferences exactly.


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