Tailoring the tailor

Nothing says success like a tailor-made suit. New York’s premier custom tailor Michael Andrews Bespoke understands this like no other. Now he delivers his distinctive personal attention for the customer in a unique online shopping experience. With a configurator built by 3Dimerce that seamlessly unites cutting-edge technology and traditional craftsmanship.

Taking the lead in online customization
The world of exclusive men’s fashion often tends to stick to traditions. Michael Andrews takes the lead in giving clients the opportunity to customize their wardrobe online. The tailor-made configurator allows to virtually try garments on in full high definition and see exactly how a fully customized shirt, jacket, tuxedo or pair of pants fit. Not passingly but on an impressive level of detail.

Quality is in the details
When it comes to exclusive men’s wear, quality is in the details. Customers want to get a good feel about the fabric, which implies viewing the material up close from various angles. Michael Andrews Bespoke’s ever changing collection consists of thousands of different fabrics. So making photographs of every single piece of clothing is just not going to do the trick. This is exactly the kind of challenge that the innovative 3Dimerce configurator technology knows how to handle best.

Michael Andrews Show


An exclusive virtual boutique
Enter an exclusive virtual boutique where the finest suits are tailor-made on the spot. The Michael Andrews Bespoke configurator smoothly guides users through hundreds of options to customize their favorite shirt (in a later phase this will be expanded to other garments). After setting the appropriate filters for the color, content, pattern, price and weight of the material, the user proceeds to choose one of the corresponding thumbnailed results.

Design it yourself
Of course a shirt is more than its fabric. Also the design is a matter of personal taste. This is effectively addressed by a comprehensive set of design options. Such as collar and sleeve style, adding a pocket and even the possibility to apply a personalized monogram, prominently on the chest or on a more subtle location.


What you choose is what you see
During the whole configuration process the user immediately sees the result of his choices on the 3D shirt model, with a photo-realistic rendering of the configurated shirt and the corresponding price. He can zoom in to see the details of the fabric and rotate the mannequin to view it from different angles. Lastly he can complete his new outfit by choosing a matching bow tie or neck tie.

Optimizing conversion
The configurator’s user interface is cleverly designed to make for a pleasant shopping experience and for an optimal conversion rate. It readily provides the user with all the functionality he needs to take the next step in acquiring his tailor-made suit and managing his virtual wardrobe. He can store his favorite fabrics, view prior orders and book an appointment with the tailor to finalize the order.



Product images are generated on demand

Michael Andrews Bespoke's collection consists of a huge number of fabrics that can be supplied in various fits and viewed in many different views. The product configurator generates these images fully automatic and on demand in less than a second. Including digital preview swatches and always respecting the correct orientation of the fabric.


Astounding product image quality

To judge a garment, looking at it at a glance just will not do. You have to get close, and with this configurator you can. All garments and designs are visualized in every detail up to the very structure of the fabric.


A scalable and flexible solution

Michael Andrews Bespoke is regularly adding new fabrics to the collection. Thanks to the remote platform technology the configurator can be easily expanded without any constraints. This allows Michael Andrews Bespoke to always stay on top of his game by swiftly responding to customer's demands.


Michael Andrews Testimonial

"3Dimerce enables us to position online product customization at the center of our digital business strategy"

— Michael Andrews | CEO & Founder


An all American custom clothier

Michael Andrews Bespoke designs and manufactures tailor-made suits and accessories to customers all over the world. During the last decade The New York based company has built an international reputation for the quality and fit of its creations. Among its clientele are Wall Street luminaries, Fortune 500 CEO’s and dignitaries as well as celebrities. Men with high standards when it comes to clothing and a strong need to express their individuality through a personal clothing style.

Tailor-made quality
The 3Dimerce configurator provides Michael Andrews Bespoke with a powerful tool to offer its customized service to customers worldwide. And what’s more, it adds to the brand experience by creating an online environment that matches the exclusivity of the garments and the company’s focus on tailor-made quality.


Each 3Dimerce configurator has a unique modular build up and is therefore easily maintainable and able to connect to other business applications and processes. The Michael Andrews Bespoke shirt configurator is an integral part of the digital strategy of the company. The main modules are:

3D Models

3dmoels Michael Andrews

To provide a good impression of the fit, the clothing is presented by a virtual mannequin. Its shape is based on a professional full body dress mannequin that was digitized with the advanced 3D scanning technology of TH3RD in Amsterdam. All garments and design options were separately digitized and projected on the mannequin.


Materials Michael Andrews

We used state-of-the-art technology to digitize all fabrics up to the individual fibers using an advanced 3D material scanner. At the go-live over 200 shirt fabrics were digitized. They can be visualized photo-realistically in all their varieties on the 3D shirt model.

Virtual Studio

Virtual Studio Michael Andrews

The 3D product shapes and the corresponding set of digitized 3D materials are combined in our virtual studio. Based on an extensive body of product intelligence, providing rules for all possible combinations and exceptions, the virtual studio supplies the configurator on-demand with the accurate images.

User Interface

User Interface Michael Andrews

We analyzed the complete customer journey of the target audience in collaboration with the team of Michael Andrews Bespoke and their web agency. This provided a client-centered basis for the design of the highly intuitive user-interface. Despite the many fabric and design options, configuration of a personalized wardrobe has never been so easy and straightforward.


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