Customizing the user experience

3Dimerce not only works directly for manufacturers and retailers. We also collaborate with other digital agencies that want to offer their clients the best in configurators and 3D imaging technology.

Do you want to address consumers as personally as possible? With customized product presentations you can offer them an experience that matches their individual preferences.
3Dimerce gives you maximum flexibility to apply configurator technology to its full potential.

Tap into the power of our world-leading 3D platform. That allows configurators to show infinite product variations. While still sustaining a photo-realistic image quality. With a level of detail that is as close to the real thing as you can get. Our configurators come with a well-documented API, so you can sketch out the customer journey and design and even build the front end for your own clients.

Do you have a client that is or could be interested in product configuration? Please contact us for more information and to learn about the possibilities.

3Dimerce Digital Agencies



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