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Helping customers to order the most beautiful products with our 3D Ensemble Technology.

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3D product customization

3Dimerce helps your business sell custom products based on stunning imagery according the taste of your customers.

We empower with our Ensemble Suite your omnichannel strategy with a reliable Product and interior Configurator solution. The Ensemble Suite is the best solution to sell customizable products like furniture, luxury goods and home decoration.

The ultimate 3D platform

The ultimate configurator- and image generation 3D platform for product selling and room planning.

The Best Product Configuration Journey

Product configuration or product customization is an activity of customising one ore more (assemble) products or parts to meet the needs of a customer. Configurators are used to guide the user through the product definition process and serve as an important tool for choice navigation. The Ensemble Suite comes with a Product Configurator solution with a wide range of implementation options applications and various usages.

Roobol Room Planner

The most visual 3D Room Planner

Instantly create stunning interior design impressions. Configure the spaces, add the products you like and get real time impressions with the products of your taste. Regardless of whether you want to create rooms, design objects or customize items, with the Ensemble Suite design functions you can let your creativity run wild.

Premium Computer Generated Imagery, so well made that it looks real.

We empower brands to bring stunning product experiences on the screen. Every day retailers ask for more product content, attributes and accurate images. Products without accurate imagery don't sell. 3Dimerce has over 10 years experience with CGI. The Ensemble Suite provides brands the ability to auto generate product images. Get uniform images from all your product variations with the Ensemble Suite.

Configure Price Quote (CPQ)

Error-free quotes

CPQ is a sales tool for companies to quickly and accurately generate quotes and orders. The Ensemble Suite is more than a visual product experience platform. Our pricing module is so advanced that it's also suitable as a CPQ solution. The addes value of the Ensemble Suite is the possibility to create quotes with one or more products (SKU's) and with or without visual configuration. Quotes produced with the Ensemble Suite are automated according to a preprogrammed set of rules, ensuring error-free pricing that takes into account quantities, discounts, customizations and so on.

POS Tool

Omni channel is our excellence

We believe in a seamless experience between online and offline. Brick and mortar is not history. We see merchants with a successful online presence are, in increasing numbers, be present in the tangible world as well. The Ensemble Suite is suited for the whole omni channel range. Our POS Tool is an POS configurator with special features for the merchants and a seamless integration of the online and offline customer journey.

Auping workspace

Helping you deliver a frictionless path to purchase

The Ensemble Suite is the foundation for success in an omnichannel world. Selling customized or assembled products based on engaging product experiences, that's what we deliver. The Ensemble Suite comes with a broad range of modules and integrations. Discover a lot more possibilities with our Ensemble Suite. It’s time to join us.

Bugaboo Configurator
Customer stories

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Discover how we solve new challenges with the Ensemble Suite every day. Used by organizations around the globe to merchandise customized products or style sets, and more, the Ensemble Suite brings the entire product experience together in a single solution. That's why customers choose for 3Dimerce.

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Innovative Solutions

Th best cloud-based Product Configuration platform. Our mission is to be the beating heart of product experience by continuous innovation.

Product Specialist

We know everything from 3D and from your lovely products. Every detail is important for our product and 3D specialists to force the best experience.

Continuous Improvement

Teamwork, experience and innovation – all of which is reflected in the quality of our results.

Beyond trends

3Dimerce is a stable company with many years of experience in creating product imagery and configurator solutions. We prefer to go beyond trends to keep the main line.

Being partners

Why reinvent the wheel when so much excellent solutions are already available? We believe in partnership.

Operational Excellence

3Dimerce provide outstanding service through teamwork, accountability and innovation of which is reflected.

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