3Dimerce contribution on the PIM @ the Zoo event

Welcome to the Jungle of Product Content. How do we create and manage Product content? How can we achieve the best Product Experience? This was the important subject on the PIM @ the Zoo event. This event was organized in cooperation with Xsarus, InRiver and Channable. Together with approximately 75 people we have had an exciting day in the Burger’s Zoo in Arnhem.

Managing Director Marten Kodde presented the attendees the capabilities of the Ensemble Suite. How can we help organizations to create the best Product Experience? How to merge images with other product information? The Ensemble Suite is a complete solution for Product Configuration on the highest visual level. Our configurator platform is able to push images and additional information to a PIM solution. The Ensemble Suite contains modules to integrate with other product information channels.

The 3Dimerce solution is more than a stand-alone configuration solution. Together with Naomi Schnuck, Manager Digital Customer Experience at Royal Auping we demonstrated also the Auping case. Naomi is deeply involved in the Auping e-commerce transformation. She took us with her into the long way of this transformation. The story shows us a lot of progress. Today Auping sells beds online on different markets. Key to this success was the product configurator and the integration with a new Magento shop.

There are a lot of benefits by the integration of configuration into your total e-commerce landscape. This results are clear: it makes your products more visual, you are able to push the product experiences in different channels and people buy products by seeing them. Consumers likes tailor made products with a big personal touch.

However, do you like to know more about this topic? Don’t hesitate to contact us!