The Ensemble Suite

Create the best of reality - virtually.
Unleash the potential of your products with our stunning 3D & AR Modular Configurator, empowering you to effortlessly configure intricate products with flawless logic, ensuring 100% error-free orders every time.

About the Ensemble Suite

We know that a good product experience is key, and the Ensemble Suite delivers. Our software can be used by even the most inexperienced user, both at home or in the shop. That’s the backbone of our mission: facilitate a sophisticated, omnichannel virtual product atmosphere and experience that welcomes everyone, for every need. Feel assured that your products and the rooms they are displayed in are of optimal quality, every time.

Key applications:

  • Product Configuration
  • Automatic Generated Product Imagery
  • Room Planning
  • Customer, Price, Quote
  • Point Of Sale Tool
Auping Configurator

Distinctive Core Values

The ultimate configurator and 3D image generation platform for product sales and room design.
Photo-Realistic Perfection

No detail is too small for us. Experience touchable textures, perfectly irregular contours, and natural lights, shadows, and reflections that bring each and every product to life.

Lightning-Fast Imagery

The Ensemble Suite generates images in a split second. Enjoy a virtual experience unburdened by intensive software demands, large amounts of data, and frustrating lag times.

Built to Order

Our Ensemble Suite boast its own integrated configurator with its own software development kit (SDK). Our technology is built to suit the needs of each and every client.

E-Commerce Integrations

The Ensemble Suite integrates your Product Configurator with your e-commerce platform. It comes with integrations for ERP, Magento, InRiver and Bynder. Let your customers view, customize, and purchase your products, all in the same environment.

Key features

The advantages of the Ensemble Suite


Versatile Applications

Integrated Product Configurator

Product configuration is a way of customizing one or more products or product parts to meet the needs of a customer. Configurators are used to guide the user through the product definition process and serve as an important tool for choice navigation. The Ensemble Suite comes with a product configurator solution with a wide range of implementation options and various usages.


Online & Offline

Point Of Sale Tool (POS)

We believe in the power of the seamless overlap between online and offline. The Ensemble Suite is designed to be suitable for use directly at the point of sale. Give customers the option to customize their own products in your showrooms with as much ease as they can in the comfort of their own homes.


Classic, Beautiful, Cutting-Edge

Room Planner

Use the Ensemble Suite to create stunning, photo-realistic interior designs suited to the tastes of both client and consumer. Our team of skilled artists and our experience with innovative virtual design strategy combine to create scenes that truly come to life.


Accurate Pricing

Configure Price Quotations

The Ensemble Suite is more than a visual product experience platform. Use our advanced software to generate rapid, accurate price quotations. Alternatively, choose to utilize the Ensemble Suite as a CPQ solution, even without visual configuration. Experience the peace of mind of having your products priced accurately, every time.


Touchable Experiences

Premium Computer Generated Imagery

Products that don’t look beautiful don’t sell. Take advantage of 3Dimerce’s 10 years of experience with virtual art, design, and CGI and acquire product images that stand out from the crowd. Feel assured that at every angle, your products will always look uniform, clean, and appear on every screen within a fraction of a second.


Configure & Order

Want More?

We make the impossible happen. The Ensemble Suite comes with a broad range of modules and integrations meant to bring our client’s success in today’s omnichannel world. Discover what we can do for you.

A few examples of customers who count on us

3Dimerce is dedicated to customer success across every stage of the customer journey. Read the cases studies for examples of customer successes with the Ensemble Suite.

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