The impact of Covid-19 on your customer journey

Creative thinking, and new tools can address customers’ acute needs today and forge stronger ties in the post-COVID-19 era. In a very short period the virus overwhelmed our lives and changed our way of product purchases. How can you sell your products during COVID-19? Covid-19 impacts the customer journey.

Rethink the customer journey

Is the customer journey changed? How does our current product selling channels suits this transition? Does the virus forced us rethinking of what customer experience means? Suddenly, examinations of customer journeys and satisfaction metrics to inform what customers want have given way to an acute urgency to address what they need. Surviving in product selling is given by a fast forwarding digital transition. Keeping a real-time pulse on changing customer preferences and rapidly innovating to redesign journeys that matter to a very different context will be key. Meeting customers where they are today: Retreated in their own houses and social bubble. The impact of Covid-19 on the customer journey is inmensive.

Thanks Covid-19 more digital

During the first lockdown the traditional brick-and-mortar Consumer spending were falling sharply, and that’s no surprise. Scores of shops and hospitality establishments were obliged to close. An report from the Dutch ABN Amro Bank concludes on 21 April 2020: “We see a clear shift from offline to online: products and services that consumers used to buy physically are now partly being purchased online. In fact, this trend has accelerated over the past weeks – probably because retailers and consumers who were formerly less active online are now both resorting to digital platforms.”

How can you sell your products during COVID-19? Customers’ normal patterns of life have come to a halt. Simple activities like a trip to the home decoration store or dining out with friends are during Covid-19 difficult, risky, or even prohibited. An McKinsey survey (carried out in February 2020) of 1,249 participants across 46 cities in China, told us that the overall online penetration in China increased by 15–20 percent. The easy answer is to sell more online if people are not able to visit your traditional points of sale.

Product experience and customer journey

In the last month a couple of customers asked us to redefine their digital capabilities to take more account with the newest customer behaviour. In our opinion is the only way to move forward during Covid-19 is to improve product experience and to setup smart tools to configure your products. A highly customizable shopping experience and intelligent product advice are essential in your digital transformation.

Survive the crisis by digital transformation. How can you sell your products during COVID-19? Are you interested in the best online product experience and open for an introduction on our product experience and product configuration solutions? Send us a message!