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The tale of Berkvens is that of a successful Dutch family business. Enterprising carpenter Piet Berkvens established his company in 1933, and his work paved the way for a business known for solid work. Today, Berkvens is the market leader in the construction and sale of doors and frames to the construction industry, with an annual production in excess of 1.5 million doors and frames.


Process control and efficiency matters, and can be obtained by consistently supplying the correct information to the correct endpoints. Berkvens utilizes a 3Dimerce-made system that can be directly linked to enterprise resource planning (ERP) software that provides insight into all specification options. The portal helps Berkvens obtain data detailing final customer product choices in an efficient manner directly linked to their ERP system.


The platform allows buyers to assemble doors and frames online. Berkvens offers more than 1.000.000 combinations of doors, frames and latches. The Berkvens portal is created with the Ensemble Suite and thus uses 3Dimerce technology to show users all customization options in the form of beautiful real-time generated CGI images.

Award-Winning Teamwork

In 2019, Berkvens and 3Dimerce took home the Dutch Interactive Award with the portal. This victory was made on the basis of the mijdeur program's proven conversion-enhancing effect: an increase of 100%! Today, more than 16 of the largest contractors in the housing sector are now connected to the project, with over 1.000 configurated homes created so far.

Dutch Interactive Awards

Over 70% of total Berkvens orders now go through!



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