Berkvens: Award winning Configurator with Styled Rooms

With the 3Dimerce Product Configurator does Berkvens past the era of selling housing product via showrooms and paper order forms. makes the total choice process more fun, easier and more visual.

Berkvens BV
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3D Configurator, Room Planner

The history of Berkvens is the tale of a successful Dutch family business. When the family business was established in 1933, enterprising carpenter Piet Berkvens laid a solid foundation for today’s company. Berkvens is at the present a leading supplier for doors and frames to the construction industry with an annual production in excess of 1.5 million doors and frames.


Process control is verry important for Berkvens and efficiency are obtained by supplying exactly the right information. Berkvens uses specific software that can be directly linked to ERP to provide insight into specifications. The portal helps Berkvens to get all data about the end customer product choices on an efficient way in their ERP.


The platform allows buyers of new build homes to assemble doors and frames. Berkvens offers more than 1.000.000 combinations of doors, frames and latches. The portal is created with the Ensemble Suite and used our technology to show users all possible choices with beautiful real-time generated (CGI) images.


Together we won in 2019 the Dutch Interactive Award with the portal. The reasons for winning this prestigious award are impressive. Most important was the proven conversion-enhancing effect. A 100% increase! More than 16 of the largest contractors in the housing sector are now connected, with over 1.000 configurated homes.

Dutch Interactive Awards
The result

With the solutions provided by 3Dimerce, Berkvens was able to see immediate results. More than 70 percent of the total orders are derived by They also discovered that the Product Configurator helps customers to make the right decisions with their purchase. The Product Configurator gives a great insight in the differences between Berkvens products.



Conversion improvement


A few kind Words from Client


Wendy Blankers

Brand manager

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