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Since its establishment in 1934, Leolux has produced and sold exceptionally made luxury furniture. Now, with the aid of 3Dimerce's innovative technology, customers can design bespoke armchairs and sofas online. The Leolux-3Dimerce configuration tool is capable of handling an astronomical number of configuration options, while at the same time producing stunning photo-realistic product imagery.

On-Screen Appeal

Making designer furniture as appealing on the screen as in the store is a challenge - after all, Leolux makes art. But so do we; 3Dimerce's solution was capturing the delicate fabrics and refined designs with an unprecedented level of detail. The Leolux-3Dimerce configurator was also made to easily expand, so each new designer piece could be simply incorporated into the program. It also has been made to be capable of future applications in every media channel. The unique process of rendering product images on demand from a 3D model provides the scalability that Leolux needs to succeed.

Integrated Pricing

3Dimerce first built configurators for 18 product series and completely integrated them into Leolux’s company websites, including real-time price calculation. This involves a massive amount of complexity handled by the 3D platform. it remains the basis for the future expansion of strategic visual product configuration by Leolux within its organization, communication and processes.


With the solutions provided by 3Dimerce, Leolux is able to provide premium, bespoke furniture to customers from anywhere, at any time.





Client Testimony

"Everything is possible with the furniture we manufacture. The customer can configure his entire Leolux product. That's the reason we invest in a 3D Product Configurator to show our customers the possibilities of our customized products. The 3Dimerce Ensemble Suite is the ideal solution for our purposes"

Hans Filippini

Marketing Director

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