Auping: Buy a customized bed or box spring online

How Auping revolutionised their online presence and product presentation with the help of 3Dimerce.

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Product Configurator

Although bed manufacturer Auping has been selling mattresses and bedding on its website for several years, it was not yet possible to order beds online. A smart design tool has become the starting point for configure and purchasing a bed, just like in the physical store.

What combination options are there?

To answer the biggest consumer question Auping has partnered with 3Dimerce.
Visualizing all products with all possibilities offers the consumer the opportunity to start his or her orientation phase online.
Auping has chosen 3Dimerce for its quality in visualizations and the speed thereof, a stable platform that is in line with the renewed ohmnichannel strategy, whereby all Auping products can be purchased online.

E-commerce Module

From the start, Auping's strategy was to offer all products online. However, due to the number of unique combination options of the bed and box spring models, this is not feasible within a standard solution. 3Dimerce was able to help Auping with this by developing an E-commerce module that makes it possible to purchase every possible composition of a product online.

This module is of course accompanied by the 3Dimerce pricing module which calculates the price of the endless product combinations in real time.

Auping Configurator Case
The result

With the solution provided by 3Dimerce, Auping has made the entire range of products online available. The digital transition that Auping had in mind has become reality and new opportunities are emerging. There is still much to be achieved, with 3Dimerce on our side we will bring our product presentation to the next level.

A few kind Words from Client

"Thanks to this smart design and order tool you can now not only choose the type of bed, but also the mattress, the color legs that come under the bed and what the headboard will look like. Almost all parts of your new dream bed are available in all sorts of colors, fabric variants and types of wood."

Naomi Schnuck

Manager Digital Customer Experience

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