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The Auping Revolution: A Shift in Online Presence and Product Presentation

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Configurating the Future

Auping, an industry leader in bed manufacturing, sought a new and innovative way to reach customers outside of their stores. The next step was obvious: build an online presence that set them apart from their counterparts in a highly competitive market. Smart product design tools created by partner company 3Dimerce set the foundation for bed creation and customization. No longer was visiting a brick-and-mortar showroom a necessity for customers when purchasing the perfect bed for any room; Auping brought the showroom to them.

Effortless Customization & Endless Possibilities

Auping took advantage of 3Dimerce's platform speed, stability, and artistic skill. It was clear that getting customers orientated with Auping products online was a success, especially considering that 3Dimerce technology allowed customers to explore all options available for customization in a method that was engaging, entertaining, and easy to comprehend.

Innovations in E-Commerce

What's the point of a showroom if you can't walk out with something beautiful after a visit? Auping and 3Dimerce asked themselves this question, and came to a mutual solution: create a unique real-time module dedicated to accurately pricing furniture components and their combinations, all in the blink of an eye. Thus, customers were given the option to create the bed of their dreams and make a purchase, all in one online space.

Auping Configurator Case

With the solution provided by 3Dimerce, Auping has made the entire range of products online available for purchase. Dreams of a customizable future have become reality, and the partnership between 3Dimerce and Auping remains strong. Together, product presentation has reached new hights.

Client Testimony

"Thanks to this smart design and order tool you can now not only choose the type of bed, but also the mattress, the color legs that come under the bed and what the headboard will look like. Almost all parts of your new dream bed are available in all sorts of colors, fabric variants and types of wood."

Naomi Schnuck

Manager Digital Customer Experience

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