We don't just make product configurators

We make them more realistic, running smoother, easier to use and able to handle more product varieties than you have ever seen before. Our 3D configurators don't just show your product. They recreate it and bring it to life. In every possible configuration, on any screen. See for yourself!



  • We digitize your product in every detail
  • We develop and build very advanced 3D configurators
  • We render photo-realistic images in less than 800 milliseconds

In every detail

What is the essence of your product appearance? Is it its refined shape? The delicate texture of its materials? Is it details such as intricate stitches or its smooth shine? 3Dimerce captures it all. Perfectly.

Future Proof

3Dimerce configurators are extremely flexible and scalable. They allow you to add any number of product variations and are ready for any application you may envision, today and in the future.

In Milliseconds

Trillions of different product variations at your fingertips. We render every image on demand, to be displayed on the consumer's screen instantly. This allows for very fast configuration with high-resolution images and an infinite amount of possible product combinations.


Why a 3D Product Configurator?

What is the power of a visual product configurator? Imagine, a product that is available in millions of different form, fabric, material & color combinations. You can imagine what happens to store inventory if you would only like to display a tenth of a promille; That would never work! Ecommerce offers an excellent solution. You can display multiple options clearly, without the need of a huge store. However, your customer would like to see what he or she is buying of course. “What does the green color look like when combined with black?” Or, “Do I really want my product to be striped?” An online product configurator by 3Dimerce is the solution! Directly connected to online sales or as a lead generator for your current stores or retailers.

Sales before actual product launch? Product configurators offer a solution

Any product with multiple configurations can be processed in a visual product configurator. Whether it’s a couch with 500 types of fabric and motifs, or a stroller with different options and dozens of accessories: we can visualize everything in a digital product configurator! In fact, the more combinations and features your product offers, the more a product configurator offers the best solution to convince the consumer about the benefits of your product. Product configuration is very common in the automotive industry, but because of the complexity of the products, it is also a very costly solution. On the other hand, if there’s a well-defined business case, a product configurator is accessible for every product. From larger corporations such as Bugaboo and Leolux to startups such as Anna van Mills.

Custom-made product configurator: your product, our specialization

Both specializations of 3Dimerce are united in a product configurator. We provide online product interactivity and realistic 3D content based on your product. If you combine the two, you create a perfect basis to sell your complete product online. 3Dimerce developed an online product configurator for Crownstudent’s caps. With many possibilities, shapes, varieties and the option to enter embroidered text. This 3D configurator is an absolute must for selling the product online at all, each product is 100% custom-made after online ordering with the product images and information as the guideline.

Increase your sales opportunities with a 3DIMERCE sales configurator

When using a product configurator, also known as sales configurator, the user experience is as important as the online product visualization. 3Dimerce works with partners to deliver an intuitive and easy to use interface. This considerably increases your sales opportunities. Visitors prefer to use a user-friendly application. Our product configuration tool is based on an online experience that feels as natural as possible. With our acclaimed product configuration platform, users do not need a desktop computer in order to use your 3D configurator online. We also offer an optimal user experience on an iPad, mobile phone and other tablets. The platform also integrates perfectly with other business processes and systems.

The advantages of product configuration with a 3D Configurator

Would you like increase your product sales, by using a product configurator? Please feel free to contact us for more information about the possibilities with our product configuration tool. We will be pleased to discuss all the options with you.



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